Which boiler is best for my home – and my wallet?

Saving on household fuel bills needn’t mean wrapping yourself in blankets or hugging hot water bottles to keep warm! The cost of efficient central heating and piping hot water can be cut significantly by installing the right boiler type and size for your home.

But what, you may ask, is the right boiler type for your home? Gas or oil, conventional or condensing, combination or heat only?

If you live in town and your home is on the gas mains, the answer to the first question is almost certainly gas. Running costs can be half those of oil boilers, and a fraction of LPG fired ones. In the villages or rural areas without a mains gas supply you have the option of oil, LPG or a wood burning stove with a back boiler, but even here there are savings to be made.

If you’re replacing a conventional boiler, we at Harpers would recommend that you upgrade to a condensing boiler, which cleverly recycles used heat, making it both hyper-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Next, you need to decide between a combination (or combi) boiler and a heat-only one, although in practice this may be dictated by the size of your property. Combi boilers connect directly to the water mains and deliver heat and hot water on demand. They are relatively small and compact, can be sited anywhere, and are therefore ideally suited for smaller properties.

Heat only boilers supply heat direct to radiators, but take more space and need to be connected to a hot water storage system. Their larger capacity and delivery rate makes them better suited to larger properties.

Finally there is the question of brand. As independent suppliers Harpers have no vested interest in recommending any particular make of boiler, but we can advise you which come with the highest energy rating, and which have the best reputation for reliability. One manufacturer whose boilers are Grade A rated and especially well reported on by customers is Worcester, and we have made a speciality of supplying and servicing their products.

It’s now officially Spring, and the days are getting lighter and longer, but there are still some chill nights and frosty mornings to come when you’ll be glad of background central heating and, of course, hot water is a necessity at any time of the year.

In fact now is the best time for boiler installation or servicing, rather than emergency repairs or replacement in the depths of winter, when demand is greatest. As approved Gas Safe and OFTEC registered suppliers and installers, we’re always ready to offer professional support in choosing and fitting your boiler. We operate throughout the Dunmow Bishop’s Stortford and Saffron Walden areas, and offer a complete installation and after sales service, as well as annual service contracts.