Shower Forecast: Clear And Bright

In today’s ‘wash and go’ world, the shower is fast becoming the central feature of modern bathrooms. You might luxuriate in a bath at the weekend, but a brisk shower offers a stimulating start to the working day or a welcome refresher after the commute home.

And in homes where space is at a premium – shrinking floor plates seems to be a feature of most new build properties – a shower is usually preferred over a bath when it’s an either/or option, and the trend is for a new streamlined look.

It’s out with the old frame cubicles and step-up shower trays – which can be claustrophobic or trip hazards for senior citizens – and in with wet rooms, open plan showers with floor to ceiling glazing, or sliding door showers with sunken tracks that make for easier access and better use of available space.  There’s nothing to step over or into.  The shower base is level with the bathroom floor, with a slight gradient towards the outlet for efficient drainage.

Glass partitions are fixed directly to the floor or the ceiling. The look is cool, modern and minimalist, right down to the shower fittings, which are discreet and unobtrusive – flush fitting for preference – and with fixed overhead shower heads to save the clutter of mounting bars, trailing hose and the like.  And of course the smooth, snag free surfaces are more hygienic and easier to clean, a key consideration in bathrooms, where damp conditions encourage mould and limescale.

There’s even a move away from traditional chrome taps and controls to high fashion finishes like matt black, brushed bronze or primary reds, whites and blues.  Ditto for tiling. Forget boring beige and cream: go for dark grey slate (a great foil for bright red hardware) or contrasting feature walls: royal blue teamed with leaf green or wine red with pale rose.

Another key advantage of open plan showers and wet rooms is design flexibility.  Unlike fixed frame proprietary products that can be a poor fit in a small or awkward space, the alternative offers a bespoke solution, even, for example, under the eaves of a sloping roof space, or other non-standard applications.  Off-the-shelf products are available in a wide range of configurations, or you can opt for a made-to-measure solution.

At Harpers we have considerable experience in creating customised shower spaces and wet rooms for our clients.  Our professional team can discuss your requirement and produce a computer generated mock-up of how it will look.  And our experience tradespeople will build it to meet your needs and preferences.

And what better to come home to at the end of a weary working day?