We are: Harpers Heating & Plumbing at 20 Rectory Lane, Farnham, Bishops Stortford, Herts CM23 1HU.

Our contact email address on privacy matters is: info@harpersplumbing.co.uk

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Information that we collect:

We will only collect, store and process personal information from you in accordance with the law in force in England and Wales and then only for enabling us to provide the service available on this site, process orders for goods and services as well as to administer the site and collect statistical data.  We currently only ask you to provide us with your personal information when you complete our contact form – this requested information enables staff who work for Harpers Heating & Plumbing Ltd to respond to any enquiries or comments you make about our company and the work we do.  On our Contact form we ask for the following personal information:

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Unless you have so informed us, when requested, on our website we may send emails to you from time to time, to keep you informed about services available, and to remind you of upcoming services due. We will stop sending out such emails if ever you reply to the original of one of these emails with the word “unsubscribe” in the subject line.


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Please note that, whilst it is most unlikely to happen, we may be required by a court of law, or by a person with legal authority to so request, to disclose personal information.

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If your personal information changes, you can email us at info@harpersplumbing.co.uk.

If you wish us to cease handling, storing and processing your personal information at any stage, then subject to completing and fulfilling any pending transaction or request, we will act on such request within a reasonable period of time when sent to us to our surface mail, or to our geographical address as at the top of this Policy.


Contact us at: info@harpersplumbing.co.uk