Have you been MoP (Ministry of Plumbing) tested?

There’s some talk in the plumbing and heating trade of introducing the domestic equivalent of an MoT test – an official annual service and certification for household boilers.  It has been light-heartedly referred to as an MoP (Ministry of Plumbing) test!

Of course, there is no such body, and such a measure is not mandatory yet, but we think you’ll agree it still makes sense to have your boiler serviced regularly by a qualified heating engineer.

After all, you don’t have your vehicle MoT tested just because it’s a legal requirement.  It’s an important safety measure, as well as a preventative against a blowout or mechanical failure that could leave you stranded and in need of an AA call out.  Far better to have the mechanic do the job before, rather than after the event!

Similarly, six o’ clock of a cold winter’s morning is no time to discover you’re without hot water, or the central heating has given out because of a defective boiler.  Most householders don’t realise how dependent they are on a working boiler for their home comforts, any more than most motorists realise how much they rely on their car until they’re without transport.

And it’s not only inconvenience and discomfort that a regular boiler service insulates you against.  Amongst the other advantages it offers is the fact that many boiler manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products if there is evidence that it has been regularly serviced, and in some cases – as with car manufacturers – servicing is a requirement if a warranty is to remain valid.

And there’s a financial incentive as well, or at least there is for Harpers customers.  If you take out an annual service contract with us, we’ll make service calls at a substantial discount on our one-off call out charges, offering you better value for money, not to mention greater peace of mind.

So don’t wait until it becomes law to discover the benefits of having your boiler regularly serviced. Prevention has always been better than cure, and this way you’re quids in into the bargain!