Keeping your heating system working efficiently.

Keeping your heating system working efficiently.

Your central heating system will over time attract dirt and debris from old radiators and boilers.

To protect your boiler and heating system from some of the build up of these fragments, fitting a Worcester Greenstar System Filter, especially when fitted with a new boiler, will reduce considerably the radiator blockages, and damage to key parts of the boiler and heating system.

The system filter has been designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants by capturing contaminants before they reach your boiler.  This will increase the life of your boiler and will have a dramatic effect on the efficiency of your boiler and your energy bills will be reduced by keeping the system cleaned.

The Greenstar System Filter connects to the return flow pipework back to the boiler to filter out debris and dirt before going back into the boiler to go round the system again.

With every new Worcester Boiler we recommend fitting a Worcester System Filter, which also increases the Worcester Guarantee for the boiler from the standard 7 years to 8 years.  If also fitted with a Greenstore Cylinder or a Greenstar Wave/ Comfort 1 or 2 controller this increases again to 9 or 10 year guarantees depending on the boiler you decide to have.  For a free quotation for a new Worcester Boiler to be installed please call Harpers Heating & Plumbing Ltd on 01279 771981 to arrange for a visit.


Power flushing your heating system.


This is a one off deep clean of your system and will flush out all of the debris and sludge that has built up in your heating system and radiators, and will clear any blockages or cold spots in your radiators.

An inhibitor should be put into the system when it is refilled. A power flush will normally take a good few hours depending on the number of radiators and the size of the system.  When a new boiler is installed it is the manufacturer’s recommendation that a power flush is done of the system before the new boiler is connected up.

To have a quote for a power flush of your heating system please give Harpers Heating & Plumbing a call on 01279 771981 to arrange a visit.