Get an instant, no pressure boiler quote – at the touch of a button

You know what it’s like.  You need a new boiler, but to get a price you must wait for the whole system to come clanking to life.  You need to find a plumber; field questions you don’t know the answer to (like what’s the make, model number and output of your existing boiler); wait for a home visit; endure more interrogation and investigation; be pressured into choosing the most expensive option and, after all the kerfuffle, feel cornered into placing an order then and there.

Well let us introduce you to an instant, no pressure alternative that takes no more than 30 seconds and leaves you with a realistic price and a range of finance options on standard or premium products.  Just click the ‘Free Boiler Quote’ button on our home page, and we’ll take you through the whole business, quickly and painlessly.

First, you just click on your house type – terraced, flat, semi, detached or bungalow – then the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your property.  Finally, we’ll ask you to indicate if you currently have a combi boiler or a system with a hot water tank.  (Don’t worry, there’s even a don’t know option!)

And then, hey presto, we’ll present you with a boiler installation price (all inclusive) and a range of finance options.  There’s even a slider you can adjust to choose the size of your deposit and the number of years (1 to 10) you want to stretch repayments over.  Our app will recalculate the figures instantly.  Plus, as we say, you can choose between standard and premium products, full details of which are listed.

And of course, if you prefer, you can buy your boiler installation outright, and the app will show you the all-in price.  Whether you use finance or purchase outright, the price includes labour, the removal of your existing boiler and hot water tank (where applicable); the addition of a corrosion inhibitor and a power flush of your central heating, and the installation of a programmable room thermostat.  And the whole installation is covered by a 7 or 10 guarantee, depending on the boiler model you choose.

That’s it.  No names, no pack drill.  If you’re happy with the quote and you want to proceed, just press the contact us button to request a free home survey.  Or you could simply give us a ring.  One small proviso.  To make sure every detail has been considered, we will need to make a home visit before issuing a firm, final quotation.  But assuming the information you’ve given on our on-line calculator is correct, there should be very little variation.

And as you’ll see from our professional rating at, we are rated as 100% reliable in charging our clients as per our quotations or estimates.

Those who want the best at the best price should take advantage of our budget boiler plan to have a top of the range Worcester Bosch boiler installed for as little as £35 a week.

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