How do I revamp my bathroom?

You want to make the most of your bathroom so as it’s a “showroom” brochure type bathroom, but how and where do you start?  There is nothing more frustrating than looking through brochures only to find out that the bath you have fallen in love with isn’t going to fit.  So you have a wish list or have idea’s of spaces, colours, and styles you like, so then call in your trusty experienced plumber.

Harpers Heating and Plumbing Ltd will come out to you measure and advise you. This is when you get to do the fun shopping bit, you will then know which size bath/shower/toilet/sink you can have so it will make decisions much easier.

Think about what your bathroom will be used for, not just now but in 5 years time.  Will your now 10 year old boy that is happy to have a quick bath, soon want to be showering 3 times a day?  Can you afford not to add a shower?  If you have a small baby, in 5 years they will be much bigger, will you be able to lift them out of the beautiful high sided bath without hurting your back?

Again Harpers Heating and Plumbing experts can help you with all these issues, we will find a solution together.

Once you have your dream items, our plumbers will check that all your products will fit and work within your room. Then you have the choice of ordering the goods yourself or sitting back and allowing the plumbers to work their magic.

You will be given a date for work to start and an estimate of how long the job will take. The workforce assigned to your job will be as discreet as possible.  Normally the work for a total refurbishment of a bathroom will take 8-10days.

Then when everyone has gone, you can run yourself a long hot bath, pour in your favourite bubbles, lock the door, sink in and enjoy.

Please give us a call if you feel you would like help, advice or guidance on refurbishing your bathroom.