How clean is your bathroom?

How clean is your bathroom?  Would it make a worthy project for Kim Woodburn and Aggie McKenzie, the stars of Channel 4’s ‘How Clean is Your House’ show, who boldly go where no mop has been before?!

Well, hopefully not.  The whole point of a bathroom is to emerge from it cleaner than you went in!  But the fact remains that maintaining the highest standards of hygiene can be a challenge here, if only because the humid environment and the nooks and crannies or toilet rims, plug holes and U-bends make a breeding ground for germs.

So how can you keep your bathroom sparkling clean, fresh and fit for inspection by Kim and Aggie?  It comes down to three key factors: hygiene habits, cleaning routines and – one that might not be immediately obvious – bathroom design.  The latter is one that we at Harpers can help you with, and I’ll come back to that in a minute.  But first the basics:

Hygiene Habits                                                                               

Tip number one: always put the toilet lid down before flushing.  When the toilet is flushed, germs can travel as far as six feet from the bowl, landing on all surfaces including, perhaps, your tooth brush, face flannel and anything else within range!  In fact airborne microbes can float around for over two hours after a flush, so keep them confined.

Tip number two: now wash your hands.  This shouldn’t really need saying, but given that, in a recent survey, a shocking 62% of men and 40% of women admitted to not always washing their hands after going to the bathroom, perhaps we need reminding.  And certainly we’d want to instil that habit in our children.

Cleaning Routines

This is where Kim and Aggie pull on their Marigolds.  Regularly disinfect and bleach the toilet bowl, giving special attention to toilet rims, seat and handles.  As mentioned above, U-bends and plug holes are fertile breeding grounds for bacteria, as are shower outlets, which tend to accumulate hair balls and greasy gunk.  Where possible remove the trap and clear blockages on a regular basis.  In stubborn cases a potent chemical sink un-blocker may be called for.

Showers, if not used daily, can cause stagnant water to build up in the system, which is another health hazard.  To avoid this, run hot water through the shower for a couple of minutes before use, and disinfect shower heads that have been unused for a fortnight or more.

Bathroom Design

Prevention is better than cure, and good bathroom design dispenses with many of the dirt traps that harbour germs.  Rim free toilets, for example, make cleaning easy and leave no place for the nasties to hide.  Wall hung toilets and wash basins are another plus when it comes to keeping your bathroom spick and span.  Mopping the floor is no problem when there are no pedestals or crevices to clean around.

Shower technology has also moved on apace, with specialist coatings that allow water droplets to run off effortlessly, leaving shower screens looking like new for longer.

All of this and more, we at Harpers can help you with.  We deal with all the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture and sanitary ware.  And we’re also specialists in bathroom design. For more info on this just click here.

Beyond that though, you’ll have to call in Kim and Aggie!