Heat under your feet – underfloor heating comes of age!

Today’s technological breakthroughs are not all quite as revolutionary as you might imagine.  Take electric cars, for example.  They were on the streets of London and New York over a century ago.  But they were overtaken – literally – by petrol driven cars, which were faster and had a greater range, if not, as we now know, quite so eco-friendly.

And remember the Hindenburg, the airship that rivalled the Titanic for luxury, and tragically met an equally disastrous fate back in the 1930s?  Well, believe it or not, airships are making a comeback.  The Airlander 10 is already under construction in Britain, and is expected to relaunch an industry that could be worth £7.5 billion over the next 20 years.

What’s all this got to do with plumbing and heating I hear you ask?  Well as it happens our industry has recently recycled one of the oldest technologies in the book: underfloor heating.

You might remember from your school history lessons that well-heeled Romans heated their villas with hypocaust, an underfloor heating system that was a welcome innovation for Roman officials posted to chilly Britain from the warmer climes of the Mediterranean.  Hypocaust was also used to heat baths, so you could say today’s HVAC systems have a history of over 2000 years.

Of course in Roman times you needed an army of household slaves to stoke up the furnace that channelled hot air and smoke beneath the raised floors of your villa.  Nowadays, you’ll be pleased to learn, the technology has moved on a bit, and is within reach of all.  But the principle is much the same, and the heat is more evenly distributed than with conventional forms of central heating.

The systems we recommend and install for our customers are by Nu-Heat, one of the leading manufacturers in the field.  They provide both underfloor and hot water heating that run off air or ground sourced heat pumps, which is to say renewable energy, another big plus in their favour.

Better still, unlike radiator based systems, underfloor heating is invisible and unobtrusive.  It gives you the freedom to place fixtures and fittings wherever you wish, without any restrictions on wall and floor space.  You could also say it gives you heat from nowhere – everywhere – a nice even, radiant warmth throughout the home with no cold spots.   Perfect for floating around in your toga!

If you’re thinking that installing underfloor heating in an existing property would be difficult and costly, think again.  With Nu-Heat’s LoPro™ retrofit system installation is quick and easy, and depending on the application could be completed within a few days. We can also set up an underfloor heating system using a gas or oil system if preferred!  And of course we’d give you a free, no-obligation quotation before you decide to go ahead.

There might be nothing new under the sun, but we guarantee it’ll be better this time around!