‘Easy Control’ from Harpers: Smart thermostats that live up to their name!

Technology is supposed to make things easier, isn’t it?  But in practice there’s usually a learning curve to be got through.  The latest gizmos can be a black box to many, something best left to their kids to deal with!

Take home heating thermostats for example.  If yours is the standard electronic type I’m willing to bet you haven’t attempted to reprogram it since it was installed.  And if you have you probably gave up in frustration: all that sequencing and button pushing to set up the simplest functions!

If that’s been your experience, the Worcester-Bosch Easy Control from Harpers will come as a pleasant surprise.  It’s the best of a new breed of smart thermostats that really does live up to its name.  It’s easy to use and easy on the eye as well.  It has a sleek modern design and a simple display that shows you what your heating is doing at a glance.

The ‘smart’ bit is that it comes with its own app –  download it for a free trial – that means you can control your entire home heating system from your smart phone.  Just search EasyControl for the demo version.

You can turn heating and hot water on or off at any time, adjust temperature levels in each room of your house individually and, last but not least, keep tabs on energy use and save on your heating bills.  You can do all this from your armchair – or your car if you’re travelling home from work or holidays.  Which is a bit of an advance on taking a torch to your old controller in the hall cupboard, I think you’ll agree!

Perhaps you’re thinking that to enjoy the benefits of an Easy Control smart thermostat you have to invest in a Worcester-Bosch boiler?  Well there are very good reasons for doing so, as you’ll see from our previous Spring is Here blog, but in practice Easy Control can be used on your existing boiler with the simple addition of an Easy Control adaptor, which we at Harpers can supply.

We began by talking about the frustrations of technology, one of which is the rate at which some boilers – like iPhones – become obsolete, and the failure of some suppliers to provide parts and service support for older models.

With Worcester-Borsch from Harpers you need have no fears on that score.  They’re one of the foremost manufacturers in the market and their products – both boilers and smart thermostats – come with a 10 year guarantee.

Harpers are an accredited installer of Worcester-Borsch boilers and EasyControl thermostats.  For more information, pricing or to arrange a visit, please contact us today