Do you need a plumber or electrician to install an electric shower?

Ever wonder why the light switch in your bathroom is operated by a pull cord or, if it’s a wall plate switch, from outside the room?  And why are there no handy plug sockets – other than perhaps a shaver socket – in your bathroom?

The answer is one of the guiding principles plumbers and electricians are taught when they learn their trade: water and electricity don’t mix.  Or rather, they mix too well!  Water is a good conductor of electricity, so unless you want an electric shock don’t touch a light switch or any other piece of electrical equipment with wet hands.  And whilst we’re on the subject, don’t use a hairdryer or straighteners in the bathroom either.

All of which may leave you wondering: what about the electric showers and radiators that are a feature of many modern bathrooms?  Aren’t they dangerous as well?  The short answer is that they’re perfectly safe if they’re fitted by a ‘Part P Certified’ electrician, who is trained to ensure that all electrical components are properly isolated and insulated.

So, do you need an electrician to plumb in an electric shower? Surely that’s a plumber’s job?  Answer: Yes and No. Whilst there are some talented individuals who are qualified in both disciplines, generally it’s a team effort, especially when major bathroom installations or refits are concerned, so beware of any one-man-band who would have you believe otherwise.

A lot of complementary skills come together in the design and construction of a bathroom or kitchen, and you’ll be relieved to find that Harpers have them all.  We have qualified electricians, tilers, plasterers, carpenters and, of course, plumbers from which we can assemble a task force for any assignment.

We can even help you in the designing and planning stages of your new bathroom or kitchen.  To give you the widest possible choice, we deal with all the leading bathroom and sanitary suppliers, including Aqualisa, Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, Saniflo, Cross Water, Trevi, Rak, Roca, Hansgroche, Grohe and Bristan.  And we can give you a list of websites and shops to visit to discover the makes and models you prefer.

We’ll also make a home visit to survey the space, agree a check list of products put together a firm quotation for parts and service.

Finally, of course we’ll fulfil our traditional role of plumbing it all in for you.  And however big or small the job, you can be sure it’ll be professionally handled – without any shocks, electrical or financial!

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