Decisions, decisions – all I actually want is a boiler!

Do you ever feel nostalgic for the days when you could simply walk into a café, order a tea or coffee, and be served immediately without being given a third degree by the barrister?  Do you want cappuccino, latte, americano, flat white, espresso or macchiato?

Or would you prefer Assam, Darjeeling, Earl Grey, Mint, Camomile or Ginger tea?  Large, medium or small?  To go or to consume on the premises?

Dear Lord, can’t I just have a cuppa?  Choice is usually presented as a blessing, but too often it is a curse, and nowhere is this more evident than when the Government gets involved.  To give you a ‘for instance’, there’s the new Boiler Plus legislation which comes into force this month as part of their Heat in Buildings policy.

The basic idea is to make boilers more efficient and thus save energy, which is a good thing, obviously, but the actual implementation of this initiative – which requires the upgrading of all replacement combi boilers – is far from straightforward.

Now then, you have a choice.  To comply with the new legislation, which of the following energy saving measures will you opt for:

  • Load compensation control
  • Weather compensation control
  • Smart thermostat with automation and optimisation
  • Flue gas heat recovery unit with a time and temperature control

Yep, it’s a doddle, isn’t it?  Well, actually, for Harpers customers it is a doddle, because, Worcester, the boiler manufacturers whose products we recommend and fit, have already seen this dilemma coming and prepared for it with the launch of their award-winning Greenstar combi boiler range.

All you have to do is specify one, with the Greenstar controller of your choice, to comply with all of the new Boiler Plus legislation at a single stroke.  There now, that’s a relief, isn’t it?

To make the business of choosing a boiler replacement even easier, check out our free boiler quotation button on our home page, and within a few clicks we’ll tell you the Greenstar model and output that’s right for your property, together with the price – which incidentally also comes with the option of 0% finance, should you require it.

So, there you are.  Deal with us and you have the reassurance of knowing you’re complying with new Government legislation, doing your bit for the environment and getting the best value for money on your home heating outlay.

Now, how about a nice cup of tea?  As it comes, right?